For over 10 years Mickey Dziwulski has been creating and coding beautiful designs that encapsulate the uniqueness of the brands that he works with. With this shared love of design and art Pearywinkle was born. A graphic design and web development studio in Los Angeles, California offering services in designing and building websites, logos, identity, brand management and print.

He understands that great design requires great relationships. Having a good relationship with his clients is one of his main focuses, only once you get to know a brand and the people behind it, can you really dive in deep into the creative realm and create something beautiful. By applying consistency and creativity along the way, we help build your company's vision by giving you quality work — helping you achieve beautiful end results.

In addition to our work, Pearywinkle gives back to our community by partnering with Greenism. We make sure that with every project, 10% of what you pay us goes back into helping the environment through clean-ups, planting trees, seeds and flowers, or helping raise awareness of climate change. By partnering with us, you can feel good knowing you've contributed to bettering the world around you.

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We're a creative agency in Los Angeles, California.
We care about our clients, quality work, our community and helping save the environment.
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